Thursday, March 17, 2016

Overall, my experience writing this paper was difficult but a good one. It seemed a little bit more similar to research papers we have done before. And it was more straight forward than the previous paper as we needed to strictly focus on explaining only one topic. Still, it was a little bit difficult as APA is something I am not completely used to, and I was sick for a small portion of this paper. because I was sick on day I missed the first peer review and had to do it on my own which worried me because I though I might be behind. Turns out I remained on track and continued to do peer reviews and work on the paper. The topic I chose did explain something not many people know about and I informed them about it in as much detail as i could. My paper explained how the First Responders on 9/11, who also helped with the cleanup at Ground Zero, have developed various cancers and diseases from the toxic air at the site. This was a difficult and emotional topic to write about as it probably will be to read. It was not hard explaining the issues that lead to this conflict, but it was hard trying o remain a little more objective. I did not want to turn this paper into a rant or an argument as it was supposed to be an explanatory paper. Many times I found myself reading over a sentence that just seemed to engaged or hostile and I would have to delete adjectives to remove such a tone. but once I got that handled mor towards the end it was a bit easier. besides that the hardest part was trying to cite my references, whether it be on the reference page or just parenthetical references. But I think I got it down pretty well. Overall I liked doing this assignment and I liked my topic.

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