Wednesday, May 4, 2016

argument reflection

Overall my reflection on this final writing project paper was a very good one and personally successful. I feel like every time I have written a reflection on a project things have become more and more clear to me. This time I think I finally got it, I finally felt completely comfortable with the art of synthesis and how to rightly incorporate it within a paper. I was already confident in my researching skills and adding in the facts to support my argument. The hardest part was in fact synthesizing all of the sources I have found, and make purpose out of the sources I picked. It is easy to just pick a source and paraphrase or quote, but I was confident in my paper because of the relate able and helpful sources I specifically chose. They were all credible and unique which meant all I had to do was find a good rhythm and order in which they would flow best for my argument. It took time and was a bit daunting but I eventually got the order and rhythm desired. What I found easiest was in fact focusing on the synthesis and order of facts first, as I literally started off with six complete pages of just quotes and paraphrases. Don't get me wrong that took a bit of time to achieve as that was the hardest part of everything. This is what made the entire project easier for me, I created a structure and foundation first, then I added in personal input and transitional sentences. This blocked any confusion I could have about my goal and was actually the most confident I was in a paper in a long time.