Thursday, March 31, 2016

I do not think it is just my generation that likes to throw around the word love. I think it is a stage in life when you are young and trying to figure out love. Parts of you understand and recognize love, while other parts deny its confusion and hardship. When I am in relationships there is no pressure, in my mind, to say love. The pressure seems to come from others when they ask if we love each other. The truth is I do but I don't. I've obviously never told a partner this, but when I reciprocate 'I love you' I am torn. I am too young to completely know love, so no its not the kind of love where I believe he is my soul mate forever. But I do love in the sense that i believe there are different stages of love. I do not completely understand love, but the parts I do understand is the love I know, the love I have. I love as much as I can love, even though a part of me knows I am young and love will grow to be even more some day.

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