Wednesday, May 4, 2016

argument reflection

Overall my reflection on this final writing project paper was a very good one and personally successful. I feel like every time I have written a reflection on a project things have become more and more clear to me. This time I think I finally got it, I finally felt completely comfortable with the art of synthesis and how to rightly incorporate it within a paper. I was already confident in my researching skills and adding in the facts to support my argument. The hardest part was in fact synthesizing all of the sources I have found, and make purpose out of the sources I picked. It is easy to just pick a source and paraphrase or quote, but I was confident in my paper because of the relate able and helpful sources I specifically chose. They were all credible and unique which meant all I had to do was find a good rhythm and order in which they would flow best for my argument. It took time and was a bit daunting but I eventually got the order and rhythm desired. What I found easiest was in fact focusing on the synthesis and order of facts first, as I literally started off with six complete pages of just quotes and paraphrases. Don't get me wrong that took a bit of time to achieve as that was the hardest part of everything. This is what made the entire project easier for me, I created a structure and foundation first, then I added in personal input and transitional sentences. This blocked any confusion I could have about my goal and was actually the most confident I was in a paper in a long time.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I love a variety of things in my life and I am very passionate about several things. i love music, art, animals, movies, anatomy, reading, exercising, and a whole lot more. I love helping people and working charity that is why what I want to do is to help people. I want to do something to work with people and at the same time I want to stay around athletics. i think I want to be a sport psychologist. I want to be a psychologist but I think I also would not mind working in a gym and being some sort of instructor or trainer. Tomorrow I will reinforce this by going out and talking to my psychology eacher and seeing what I can do in that field as well as connections to a health psychology career where I could work at clubs or for organizations.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I do not think it is just my generation that likes to throw around the word love. I think it is a stage in life when you are young and trying to figure out love. Parts of you understand and recognize love, while other parts deny its confusion and hardship. When I am in relationships there is no pressure, in my mind, to say love. The pressure seems to come from others when they ask if we love each other. The truth is I do but I don't. I've obviously never told a partner this, but when I reciprocate 'I love you' I am torn. I am too young to completely know love, so no its not the kind of love where I believe he is my soul mate forever. But I do love in the sense that i believe there are different stages of love. I do not completely understand love, but the parts I do understand is the love I know, the love I have. I love as much as I can love, even though a part of me knows I am young and love will grow to be even more some day.
People argue that its wrong to say that dogs are people too. Yes i suppose when people are so literal about it, no a dog should not have all of the same rights as a human citizen. But they are living creatures we actively and recognizably prioritize as family members. Therefore dogs legally should enjoy some basic natural rights like the right to live a healthy life. They are animals and living creatures so they should not be abused or neglected. i'm not saying that the crime should be as intense as homicide, but it is still wrong and very well is still a crime.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my research question

I picked the topic of exercise and diet and how important it truly is. The question I want to answer is is that health problems and obesity really are a problem that needs to be fixed. I chose to answer this question because I really like health and exercise and always part take in being healthy and active. Majority of mindsets are that it is not that important to have a healthy diet or exercise and it is becoming a problem. Obesity is a problem that can be solved and prevented, and so we should act on it. In order to answer this question I need to describe the consequences of obesity and the diseases it can lead to. I need to research the health aspects and the risks involved compared to how good a body can function physically and mentally with good health. Experts I could read from are dietitians, doctors, exercise coaches, or even athletic trainers. they could work for hospitals or athletic clubs, they could even work for large corporations like Beach Body. These experts research the best ways to remain healthy and continue to do so. Most trainers focus on helping loose weight and remaining healthy and balanced. Doctors focus on the risks and disease that come with avoiding health.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I have always grown up in a household with dogs and I find it strange when someone else has not. I have actually baby pictures of me rolling around on top of our German Shepard head and pulling his ears. This seems insane to many and completely normal to a lot of dog owners. Dogs do have different personalities though and any dog owner can tel you that they can't all be trusted with babies. But because I was fortunate enough to have a good dog and grow up with several good German Shepard, I love the breed and I feel like I found a special bond. This relationship with a dog is one to cherish and I feel bad for those who are uncomfortable with dogs because they have only enriched my life.
Overall, my experience writing this paper was difficult but a good one. It seemed a little bit more similar to research papers we have done before. And it was more straight forward than the previous paper as we needed to strictly focus on explaining only one topic. Still, it was a little bit difficult as APA is something I am not completely used to, and I was sick for a small portion of this paper. because I was sick on day I missed the first peer review and had to do it on my own which worried me because I though I might be behind. Turns out I remained on track and continued to do peer reviews and work on the paper. The topic I chose did explain something not many people know about and I informed them about it in as much detail as i could. My paper explained how the First Responders on 9/11, who also helped with the cleanup at Ground Zero, have developed various cancers and diseases from the toxic air at the site. This was a difficult and emotional topic to write about as it probably will be to read. It was not hard explaining the issues that lead to this conflict, but it was hard trying o remain a little more objective. I did not want to turn this paper into a rant or an argument as it was supposed to be an explanatory paper. Many times I found myself reading over a sentence that just seemed to engaged or hostile and I would have to delete adjectives to remove such a tone. but once I got that handled mor towards the end it was a bit easier. besides that the hardest part was trying to cite my references, whether it be on the reference page or just parenthetical references. But I think I got it down pretty well. Overall I liked doing this assignment and I liked my topic.

synthesis 2 revision

The revision process for this second paper was much easier than the first for me, despite the fact that I was missing the day we did the first peer review. I was sick that day and I had to upload my first draft to blackboard and review my peer papers on my own. I followed the directions I saw on blackboard, but it was still a little difficult because I was sick and in a different setting. Even though the circumstances were different and made things a little bit harder, the actual review was not too difficult. during the first paper i had never done peer review in groups or inline before, so it was a little bit strange. For this assignment I found myself more comfortable in doing the review. it was easier to read others papers and analyze the styles and structures. I think a lot had to do with the assignment and how it seemed a bit more straightforward on the topic. It was not as hard to understand that each paper was simply directed at explaining one topic.

I felt like reading other peoples papers was easier as they were more narrowed, and I also felt that my paper was probably easier to read and understand as well. the peer review helped me see my paper in a different light. Having someone else point out main parts and structures of my paper made it easier for me to see things missing and things I had well done. It almost created a bit of a checklist in my mind for the requirements of this paper. it clarified what I still needed to do with my paper so I could fix and add what I needed to. I liked doing the peer review as it helped out my writing process a lot and made me secure in my paper when it was finally finished.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What I plan to explain in my paper is the unknown facts behind 9/11 and its connection to cancer. Many of the first responders on the day continued to work the cleanup at ground zero and had breathed in toxins from the polluted air. Various forms of cancer have been linked to the event, especially mesothelioma. I want to explain this conflict in detail and bring awareness that heroic police officers and firefighters are still suffering from the tragedy. I have picked three sources to cite in my paper: an article from The New York Times, the website, and an article from City Lab.
My first source from the New York Times is an article which talks about the issue of air masks and the lack of there use at ground zero. It explains how there had not been enough masks supplied to the workers and how there had been no instruction on there use. I plan to include this information in my essay as well as the mentioning the the air had been publicly declared as safe even though there was no evidence behind it.
My second source is the website as it is an official website geared for the victims which informs and leads them toward legal guidance. It lists official cancers offered compensation and also gives specific detail about the Zadroga Act and what it covers. I Plan to discuss the Zadroga Act in my essay as it was a key development in accepting that 9/11 responders are developing cancer from previous years work at ground zero, and the government owes them some compensation.
My third source is an article from City Lab which stems from The Atlantic. This article serves as an overall view on the subject linking 9/11 to cancer. This article explains a lot about the consistency of the toxic air at ground zero and how it affecting workers years later. I plan to use the information about the air toxins and cancer in my essay.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining my interest in tattoos is not difficult, as it is a strange and interesting form of self expression. This is an art style worn permanently on the body; a weird concept that has been deemed normal and even desirable in American culture. Other cultures might think this tradition morally impairing, but that is only because of its drastic desire of dedication. Tattoos are unique to each person, my tattoo is unique to me as it is something I have wanted since I was seven years old. By the time I was eighteen I got Carpe Diem tattooed on my left wrist and I have loved it everyday since. I grew up with a father how has several tattoos, and the concept seemed normal and cool to me. To me a tattoo represents a piece of your soul, passion, or an experience. Your body is a canvas for the art to be drawn and a story to be told. Tattoos represent dedication, commitment, pain, fear, and love.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My experience writing this paper was a pretty good one. Taking the time to due peer review and forcing myself to actually do multiple drafts helped the whole process seem more productive and less stressful. The peer reviews on top of going to the writing center really helped me shape my paper and figure out things I need to start working on when it comes to my personal writing process. The Design Plan is a specific example as it is something I have never done before and I had some trouble with. But the Design Plan did help me to figure out what direction i needed to go in and it also helped me to do the small amount of research I needed to do. It was also fairly easy going straight from the Design Plan into my outline.
The Design Plan helped me to try and narrow down such a broad topic like music into something a bit smaller like focusing on development in youth. Also how music connects to us all whether it be physically or emotionally. My Design Plan could have been more specific now that I understand it better, but I do think that the paper was well written for its circumstance. My paper probably was more written in the tone of persuading the reader that music is good and necessary in our environments. Therefore I suppose my target audience should have been written as those who are skeptical about their children and how music can help them when they are young. However, the paper is still interesting and engaging to those who just plain love music. The paper also holds a few more ideas and interesting facts to it than just development in children. So basically I learned more about my writing style and how I engage the reader. I also now know better about how to approach the audience for next time in my design plan.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I have a horrible obsession with headbands and I am always looking to buy more. I am constantly buying and losing headbands at the same time which is not good. My truck, my room, and even my backpack is full of headbands. I buy headbands that are cute and more for accessorizing, but those tend to mostly sit around due to the fact that I am usually wearing sweatpants. Therefore I'm usually wearing a plain cloth headband or an athletic one. the only reason i am writing about headbands is because I sit next to Jasmine and I love all of her headbands that she wears to class.
When I was young my mother would often send me to my grandparents house up in Chicago for the weekend. I loved my grandparents and there even was another little girls next door that was the same age as me. I loved playing with my friend Katie, and I loved visiting my grandparents. My grandparents were strong Catholics and my grandmother was very strict when it came to church. But for some reason my grandma made acceptations for me that I did not recognize until later in life. If I was dozing off or shuffling around a little bit she didn't mind, and she even stole wafers from the communion for me because I liked the taste. This was a big deal because I was too young for communion and the priest ended up having to talk to my grandma. I have always loved my grandma dearly for that because I know she would never break the rules in church, but she did for me because she loved me so.

Friday, February 5, 2016

I have a few really good friends in my life. My best friends name is Tessa and we grew up together in the small town of Serena. She is a year younger then me and our friendship began in grade school when a mutual friend brought us together. I remember one of the first few times I talked to her was at softball practice, she did not play but her parents were my coaches and Tessa's sister was also on the team. One day we were warming up for practice and playing catch but there were not enough girls so I was singled out. Coach called Tessa over from the bench, where she watched, and he asked her to play catch with me. Since neither of us were too good at the time it's not much of a surprise to hear that I walked away from our encounter with my very first black eye, and we have been friends ever since.
I will admit at first I did not too much like the idea of so many revisions when we first began the week. I knew that they would be very helpful as the force me to look differently at my paper, but I still was not excited. Both times we split up I told whoever was going to revise my paper that I was sorry for how bad it probably was and I gave them a "good luck" before revisions could start. I will be honest it was a little bit hard to revise other papers as I would recognize similar mistakes I probably made, but small things like grammar and word choice corrections helped me out a ton.
The other day I found a new and sad way to eat lunch here on the Lewis campus. I call this new invention mini peanut butter and jellies even though it does not sound sound as hilarious as the actual dish is. The idea was inspired by my cheap minded way of attempting to obtain a free lunch for once. So I went into Charlies Place for a while and walked around wondering what the cheapest snack would be. You see I am a commuter who has to use cash or debit if I want to eat anything. And food is expensive at charlies place so I was considering just going without food. But then I grabbed some saltine crackers near the salad bar and figured I might get hungry enough to eat them later. But on my way out I saw small packets of jelly and peanut butter near the butter. So I grabbed a handful of each and left the premises. Later I enjoyed dipping my crackers in peanut butter and jelly, as it was a pretty stereotypical college student move.

Friday, January 29, 2016

One of the reasons I am happy at Lewis University is the great job I have on the Intramural Sports Staff. As I mentioned before, I love sports and want to remain involved with them as long as I possible can. So I was overjoyed when I finally got the job here on campus which has brought me so much new knowledge, given me great friendships, and kept me delightful busy and involved. The job is tough but it is a lot of fun and I am sure it is the best job I will ever have, with the best boss and staff. Although I only score keep I am more than happy to be able to set up games, run them, and even critique them with other referees.
I love sports and I believe that I always will. My goal is to become a sports psychologist and hopefully be able to work with a variety of age groups. I was always involve with athletics since I was young and college seemed off putting for my solely because I would not be able to enjoy volleyball or softball the way I used to. I was terrified to miss the sports I love so much and dedicated a huge part of my life to. It is scary to give so much time, focus, and dedication to something I would just have to forget about all of a sudden. That fear is when I knew I had never really had passion for something like that before. Sure I like school and things such as art, but I could handle a break from them. Athletics were different and I want to stay involved and remain around them.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

8. The term mother and father are almost always taken for granted, and surprisingly not by children but by the actual role players. Many run away parents disregard the title and many part time parents do not respect the title. Every situation is different and should not be judged unless accordingly. If a mother cares more for her addiction than her children or if a father has built a new family and sees their biological child once a month, then they are abusing their title. A parent should not be defined by blood ties,but rather the actual influence they offer to the children. Meaning anyone could fulfill the role of a caring and responsible adult. You don't have to be a father to be a good dad and you don't have to biologically be someones mother to be a good mom. Being a parent does not gift you with the entitlement of being a good mother or father.
My hopes for the future is to be working with people and helping to actively make a difference. My plan as of right now is to become a Sport Psychologist and maybe even dabble in music psychology and therapy. Psychology and sociology have always interested me, while athletics and music have always been my passion. No matter what I would like to always be involved with sports and the arts. However, the thing that will make me overall happy is to be working with and helping people. I even said that if all else fails my back up plan would be to be a paramedic because then I know that I am still making a difference.
Earlier this week I meet with the head of the music department and discussed the options I would have in minoring in music. I have the idea that I will major in psychology and minor in music as well as sociology. I still have not completely convinced myself of what I want to do for a profession, but I have always known that I want to minor in music. I have always loved to sing and I did play the trumpet throughout grade school and high school. Music is important to me and I want to be able to keep it in my life. So in preparation to declaring my music minor I have started taking piano lessons.
What I learned today is about how to narrow down who the audience is and how to define the audience. It is extremely important and the first part of the process of figuring out one's writing style, genre, and purpose.

When I took AP English in High School we had been told to stop mentioning the audience in rhetorical analysis specifically because that is all the class could seem to focus on. Our teacher was amazing and she told us how important the reader was when developing a piece, however, our class was taking it to the extreme and she needed us to cool it just a little. Basically I am aware of how important the audience is, but i need to get back into the habit of actually recognizing the reader.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Honestly the idea of blogging and its importance is not something I am familiar with. But the little knowledge I have on the subject is that it has become a widely successful and well known form of communication. Because blogging is popular it holds opportunity for heavily influencing the world and how communication evolves. therefore the responsibilities we have to each other when we blog is to remain open minded and curious. The blog has expanded from more than a personal tool and so we must remember that we are not only writing for ourselves. Our responsibility is to recognize that when we blog we influence others, and hopefully we can use that power to inspire.

That is our responsibility to ourselves and others when we communicate, to engage and learn from the material. Obviously entertainment becomes a huge factor in the use of social media today, but from a larger perspective we are communicating and connecting.