Tuesday, March 29, 2016

my research question

I picked the topic of exercise and diet and how important it truly is. The question I want to answer is is that health problems and obesity really are a problem that needs to be fixed. I chose to answer this question because I really like health and exercise and always part take in being healthy and active. Majority of mindsets are that it is not that important to have a healthy diet or exercise and it is becoming a problem. Obesity is a problem that can be solved and prevented, and so we should act on it. In order to answer this question I need to describe the consequences of obesity and the diseases it can lead to. I need to research the health aspects and the risks involved compared to how good a body can function physically and mentally with good health. Experts I could read from are dietitians, doctors, exercise coaches, or even athletic trainers. they could work for hospitals or athletic clubs, they could even work for large corporations like Beach Body. These experts research the best ways to remain healthy and continue to do so. Most trainers focus on helping loose weight and remaining healthy and balanced. Doctors focus on the risks and disease that come with avoiding health.

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