Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What I plan to explain in my paper is the unknown facts behind 9/11 and its connection to cancer. Many of the first responders on the day continued to work the cleanup at ground zero and had breathed in toxins from the polluted air. Various forms of cancer have been linked to the event, especially mesothelioma. I want to explain this conflict in detail and bring awareness that heroic police officers and firefighters are still suffering from the tragedy. I have picked three sources to cite in my paper: an article from The New York Times, the website WTC-Illness.com, and an article from City Lab.
My first source from the New York Times is an article which talks about the issue of air masks and the lack of there use at ground zero. It explains how there had not been enough masks supplied to the workers and how there had been no instruction on there use. I plan to include this information in my essay as well as the mentioning the the air had been publicly declared as safe even though there was no evidence behind it.
My second source is the WTC-Illness.com website as it is an official website geared for the victims which informs and leads them toward legal guidance. It lists official cancers offered compensation and also gives specific detail about the Zadroga Act and what it covers. I Plan to discuss the Zadroga Act in my essay as it was a key development in accepting that 9/11 responders are developing cancer from previous years work at ground zero, and the government owes them some compensation.
My third source is an article from City Lab which stems from The Atlantic. This article serves as an overall view on the subject linking 9/11 to cancer. This article explains a lot about the consistency of the toxic air at ground zero and how it affecting workers years later. I plan to use the information about the air toxins and cancer in my essay.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Explaining my interest in tattoos is not difficult, as it is a strange and interesting form of self expression. This is an art style worn permanently on the body; a weird concept that has been deemed normal and even desirable in American culture. Other cultures might think this tradition morally impairing, but that is only because of its drastic desire of dedication. Tattoos are unique to each person, my tattoo is unique to me as it is something I have wanted since I was seven years old. By the time I was eighteen I got Carpe Diem tattooed on my left wrist and I have loved it everyday since. I grew up with a father how has several tattoos, and the concept seemed normal and cool to me. To me a tattoo represents a piece of your soul, passion, or an experience. Your body is a canvas for the art to be drawn and a story to be told. Tattoos represent dedication, commitment, pain, fear, and love.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My experience writing this paper was a pretty good one. Taking the time to due peer review and forcing myself to actually do multiple drafts helped the whole process seem more productive and less stressful. The peer reviews on top of going to the writing center really helped me shape my paper and figure out things I need to start working on when it comes to my personal writing process. The Design Plan is a specific example as it is something I have never done before and I had some trouble with. But the Design Plan did help me to figure out what direction i needed to go in and it also helped me to do the small amount of research I needed to do. It was also fairly easy going straight from the Design Plan into my outline.
The Design Plan helped me to try and narrow down such a broad topic like music into something a bit smaller like focusing on development in youth. Also how music connects to us all whether it be physically or emotionally. My Design Plan could have been more specific now that I understand it better, but I do think that the paper was well written for its circumstance. My paper probably was more written in the tone of persuading the reader that music is good and necessary in our environments. Therefore I suppose my target audience should have been written as those who are skeptical about their children and how music can help them when they are young. However, the paper is still interesting and engaging to those who just plain love music. The paper also holds a few more ideas and interesting facts to it than just development in children. So basically I learned more about my writing style and how I engage the reader. I also now know better about how to approach the audience for next time in my design plan.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I have a horrible obsession with headbands and I am always looking to buy more. I am constantly buying and losing headbands at the same time which is not good. My truck, my room, and even my backpack is full of headbands. I buy headbands that are cute and more for accessorizing, but those tend to mostly sit around due to the fact that I am usually wearing sweatpants. Therefore I'm usually wearing a plain cloth headband or an athletic one. the only reason i am writing about headbands is because I sit next to Jasmine and I love all of her headbands that she wears to class.
When I was young my mother would often send me to my grandparents house up in Chicago for the weekend. I loved my grandparents and there even was another little girls next door that was the same age as me. I loved playing with my friend Katie, and I loved visiting my grandparents. My grandparents were strong Catholics and my grandmother was very strict when it came to church. But for some reason my grandma made acceptations for me that I did not recognize until later in life. If I was dozing off or shuffling around a little bit she didn't mind, and she even stole wafers from the communion for me because I liked the taste. This was a big deal because I was too young for communion and the priest ended up having to talk to my grandma. I have always loved my grandma dearly for that because I know she would never break the rules in church, but she did for me because she loved me so.

Friday, February 5, 2016

I have a few really good friends in my life. My best friends name is Tessa and we grew up together in the small town of Serena. She is a year younger then me and our friendship began in grade school when a mutual friend brought us together. I remember one of the first few times I talked to her was at softball practice, she did not play but her parents were my coaches and Tessa's sister was also on the team. One day we were warming up for practice and playing catch but there were not enough girls so I was singled out. Coach called Tessa over from the bench, where she watched, and he asked her to play catch with me. Since neither of us were too good at the time it's not much of a surprise to hear that I walked away from our encounter with my very first black eye, and we have been friends ever since.
I will admit at first I did not too much like the idea of so many revisions when we first began the week. I knew that they would be very helpful as the force me to look differently at my paper, but I still was not excited. Both times we split up I told whoever was going to revise my paper that I was sorry for how bad it probably was and I gave them a "good luck" before revisions could start. I will be honest it was a little bit hard to revise other papers as I would recognize similar mistakes I probably made, but small things like grammar and word choice corrections helped me out a ton.
The other day I found a new and sad way to eat lunch here on the Lewis campus. I call this new invention mini peanut butter and jellies even though it does not sound sound as hilarious as the actual dish is. The idea was inspired by my cheap minded way of attempting to obtain a free lunch for once. So I went into Charlies Place for a while and walked around wondering what the cheapest snack would be. You see I am a commuter who has to use cash or debit if I want to eat anything. And food is expensive at charlies place so I was considering just going without food. But then I grabbed some saltine crackers near the salad bar and figured I might get hungry enough to eat them later. But on my way out I saw small packets of jelly and peanut butter near the butter. So I grabbed a handful of each and left the premises. Later I enjoyed dipping my crackers in peanut butter and jelly, as it was a pretty stereotypical college student move.